Irish Print Awards:

Over the years we have won print awards for the following products:

  • Furstenberg Label
  • DSide magazine
  • Shaw’s Acacia Honey Label
  • VIP Magazine
  • Tesco Orange Juice Label
  • Irish Exteriors Magazine
  • Homes Interiors and Living magazine
  • Garden Heaven magazine
  • Avonmore Easy Pour milk label
  • IStyle magazine
  • Travel Food & Wine Magazine

World Print Awards:

  • Bronze Medal in Efta world print award for labels

The bronze we received in the World Print Awards was for a label we produced for Guinness and it was the first time an Irish label manufacturer had won a medal in this prestigious award.

Packaging, Environmental Management & Quality certifications


I.S. EN ISO 9000 -2000 from the NSAI

We have been working to the standards of EN ISO 9000 since 1990; we were the second label company to achieve the standard.

UL Certification for labels – Underwriters Laboratories, Melville USA

This is an agreement with Underwriters Laboratories that approves us to manufacture labels with the ‘UL’ and ‘CE’ certification marks.

Environmental Protection Agency

We have an IPPC license which means that we monitor and control all emissions in accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection agency. We are the only licensed Irish printing company.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified

Our Chain of custody is certified by the forest stewardship council, that is to say that the paper we use is certified supplied by manufacturers that use maintained renewable resources.

ISEGA Approval

ISEGA are the certification board for food grade materials. The materials used for our labels are ISEGA certified approved for food labels.

Management Information systems


We operate a management information system specifically tailored for our company and the needs of our customers.

Within it we create unique estimates, turn these into job cards, schedule production, control stock, dispatch and invoice giving recorded full traceability from raw material to end use.

The system allows us to produce reports for internal use in controlling production, stock and costs and also allows us to tailor reports for our customer’s needs, such as stock holding, number of deliveries etc.

Lean manufacturing


We recently completed a 10 week introduction of lean manufacturing techniques. We looked at certain aspects of production and introduced, in conjunction with the workforce, lean principles and agile processes that helped us achieve and even surpass cost reduction targets and lay a foundation for future lean productivity.

This course dealt with our printing processes whereas we are about to enter into the second stage of lean manufacturing and it is specifically targeted to our products and what we could suggest to our customers that would increase our productivity and therefore reduce their and our costs.

New Investments


16 inch Aquaflex 7 Color

We installed this printing press in December 2013. This is our biggest label printing press to date; it is one of the widest label printing presses in Ireland and as such has higher productivity per hour.
Currently we are training on the press and it will move into production towards the end of February.

24 inch Aquaflex 8 Color film press

We have just taken delivery of this press and it should be ready for production from mid-march.
This press is specifically designed for film packaging medium runs.
We are targeting supermarket suppliers that require flexibility due to design changes and reduced stock holding in a more proactive market.



We print for an average of 282 different customers and deliver to an average of 1,621 addresses each month. We also have a very good relationship with a number of print brokers and solution providers.
Please call us for references from our customers.