Plant List


  • Goss M600 16pp
  • WebHarris 850B 32pp
  • WebHarris 850C 32pp
  • WebStitching Lines x 3
  • Perfect Binding
  • Inserting Lines
  • Full bagging / packing Facilities
  • Distribution & storage
Goss M600
Goss M600

Contingency Planning


Web printing

Jobs can be printed on any of the 3 web presses so if any one press is down the job can be switched to another press for manufacture. Our scheduling is 24/6 on two presses only.


We carry in stock a full range of parts for all our equipment.


We have two full time electrical engineers and three full time mechanical engineer; we also operate our own engineering work shop.

Printing Plates, Artwork and Design.

We keep an electronic copy of all printing plates, artwork and design outside our premises.
These are held with Typeform and our customers have complete access to these.

Preventative Maintenance

We have a detailed preventative maintenance program and plan